Alchymedes – Latest Yggdrasil slot 2017

Alchymedes is the first slot that will be released by Yggdrasil Gaming in 2017. The game will be released on all operators on the 24th of January 2017. Alchymedes is packed with game features that are unique for this video slot, so players can expect some great surprises by spinning those reels. Alchymedes theme is based on Archimedes one of the greatest Greek mathematician, astronomer, physicist and inventor of all times!

Alchymedes has 60 paying lines 30 from right to left and another 30 from left to right. The payout percentage of the video slot is to 96.2%. The player needs to complete different levels to get wild patterns! There is a great variety of more than 15,000 wild symbol patterns. The pattern is drawn at the start of each level and remains so there until the level has been completed. Each wild symbol that lands spreads according to the drawn pattern. This is a unique game feature developed by Yggdrasil Gaming and is known as the Spreading Wild Pattern Feature.

After each level is completed, the Alchemist’s scale appears. You choose between adding more wild potion (green) or more multiplier potion (red):

  • Adding the wild potion increases the wild pattern potential
  • The first level starts with a basic multiplier and wild patterns
  • Adding the multiplier potion increases the multiplier potential

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Game Information Alchymedes Yggdrasil Slot

Game Type Video Slot Game
Reel Type Spinning reels
Reels 30 from the left and 30 from the right

Payout information on Alchymedes

Return to Player (RTP) 96.20%
Max Coinciding Win NA
Hit Frequency NA

 Game Features of Alchymedes

  • Spreading Wild Patterns
  • Level Completion Multiplier
  • 15,000 Different Wild Spreads

Preview of Alchymedes


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