Macau Shuts Down Casino Operations Due to Corona Virus!


It’s been reported that Macau officials have requested all Macau casinos to shut down operations for the next two weeks in order to battle the spread of the Corona virus on Tuesday the 4th of February.

With some 400 deaths relating to the virus in mainland China and 10 confirmed infected in Macau, Chief Executive of Macau Ho Iat Seng, brought the news of the shut down in a televised news conference: “This is a difficult decision but we have to do it, for the health of our Macau residents”.

Macau’s casino industry counts for approximately 80% of its government’s revenue. Last year the gross gambling revenue was $USD36.5 billion. The only other time Macau suspended the casino operations was in 2018 due to a typhoon that hit the city.


Macau Casinos will open their doors on the 20th of February 2020. Indeed, 15 day closure of the casino have had a major impact on the casino’s profit, but it was a very good precaution to prevent the corona virus from spreading without control. Casinos in Macau has hosted many players from all over the World and therefore this precaution was necessary.

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