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We are pleased to announce a great fun new way of entertainment, that should definitely appeal for the smarty pants out there. Do you feel you have an in-depth knowledge on certain topics, in which you can outsmart others? Then, challenge other players in various quiz games and get the chance to win a cash prize or coins, which will allow you to participate in other Quiz competition. Player are able to participate and play quizzes on all devices including desktop, mobile and tablet. Wire up your brain, you might actually realise you can be next genius 😛

Type of Quizzes available at Quizando!

At the moment Quizando, offers 3 types of different Quizzes; Classic, Survivor and Live. There are also various topics to choose from, including History, Sports, Current Affairs, Politics, Music, Geography, Mysteries, Conspiracy Theories of well the list is pretty endless. Just pick and choose your strongest category and battle your way to get the pole position to reap the best rewards.

  • Quizando Classic – Classic Quizzes are usually available for a week or so, and player can participate at any time while the quiz is active. The participation fee usually costs between 10-50 coins. Each quiz is different, and may contain between 10+ questions. Of course, you need to know the answer to get some points within a certain amount of time. If you can master the Quiz questions the quickest way, you will win a part of the prize pool. If you also able to re-enter the quiz to beat that other someone that may have surpassed you! So be the quickest and the smartest, and get that rewarded for it.
  • Survival Quiz – If you are the competitive kind and you’re seeking a quick thrill you might want to participate in the survival quizzes. Survival Quizzes starts on a specific date and time, and only players that participate before the registration closes will be able to compete. Players will have to get the answers right in order to progress in the game. This is more or less a knockout quiz! The last player standing will win the prize. This type of quiz takes terminates much quicker than the classic, so it is perfect for those who want to get instant rewards! But are you smart enough to survive the challenge?
  • Live Host Quiz – Live quizzes are hosted by several presenters from various Countries in the World, therefor players can interact via live chat with the host and other players. This is more or less the same as the survival quizzes, with an actual human interaction!
  • Freebies Quizzes – Don’t we all like a freebie here and there? Of course we do, especially when you can win coins by actually using your brains to participate in other quizzes with a real cash prize pool. Players will get the chance to play a number of free quizzes for a certain number of times. Usually free quizzes are set in classic mode, to allow a wider audience to participate. Again, it is all up to you and you alone to get the utmost rewards!

Quizando: Become a Quiz Geek

Quizando-Double-tokensSpecial Offers at Quizando!

New players will get the chance to get twice as much tokens when they make their first purchase. Purchasing tokens is very easy, and can be done via Visa, Mastercard or Paypal. Take advantage of this offer to maximise your chances to participate in more quizzes and become the next Quiz Geek! You can earn great bountiful prizes, by simply using your quick-wits! Using a small part of the 100 billion neurons available in your brain has never been so rewarding.


Use Your Brain to Play

About Quizando!

The aim of this project is to provide an alternative entertainment solution, that is based on ability and skills rather than luck. This is by far a great chance to engage yourself in something fun, yet productive for your brain cells. Like the say keeping your brain active increases its vitality.

Quizando is a company that  is operating in sunny Malta under the registration number C-67170 and its registered office at Quizando, Web Matters Limited,109/3, Gwardamangia Hill,Pieta PTA 1313,Malta.


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