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The first thing that you probably will notice when you visit is the three different lists of casinos on our home page: TOP RATED CASINOS, NEW CASINOS and FEATURED CASINOS. These three lists holds a number of online casinos which listings vary:

  • TOP RATED CASINOS is where you will find the casinos that have earned the highest ratings from our members and visitors. You might call them the best of the best and it should function as the spine of our listing for the simple reason that the casinos that are listed here are so because of the rating you have given them.
  • NEW CASINOS is the list you will find under the TOP RATED CASINOS. On this list you will find the latest additions to our casino source. The reason for having this list is because we want you to easily be able to find our most recent  online casinos. So make sure you scroll down and have a look when you have the chance, maybe you will find your new favorite casino.
  • FEATURED CASINOS is where we, the editors, list the casinos that we want to give some extra attention. This is the list where you are most likely to find bonus offers that are 100% exclusive for our members; casino bonuses that you will not find anywhere else.

The top center part of is occupied by one of our key-functions: the SEARCH FUNCTION. If you already know what you are looking for in terms of casino, operator, jurisdiction or games provider, simply type in the name or a related word and press the little looking-glass button and all entries of our database that holds the search term will appear. From there, you can easily find all the information you need.

There are also two promotional side tables on the right side of the web site:

  • PLAYER OFFERS is where we will list our most popular and interesting bonus offer for casino players.
  • WEBMASTER OFFERS is located just below the PLAYER OFFERS. This is where we list a few casinos that any webmaster might be interested in promoting on their own web site(s). If you have your own web site and you are thinking of adding some casino offers to it, feel free to have a look at our WEBMASTER OFFERS.

The top left corner of is where you register your user account. This is important and something you should do as soon as possible because you will need to be a register member of in order to be able to comment and rate our content. The registration procedure is very fast and easy. There is also another benefit of being a registered user: you will receive EXCLUSIVE CASINO BONUS OFFERS directly to your inbox in the form of newsletters. You will also find a CONTACT US function in the top left corner. Do NOT hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions at all or just want to say Hi – We Would Love to Hear from YOU!

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