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All forms of legal gambling anywhere is regulated by one or several government bodies whether it is a land-based casino, a bookmaker, a racetrack, an online casino or any other type of instances that offers a legal gambling service to the public. An interactive online gambling company might need several licenses from several different legal Jurisdictions in order to offer their service to customers that are based in different countries. Some countries have a more restricted policy towards online gambling than others but recent trends of the regulating approach towards internet gambling, for most countries, hints at a more complex and country-by-country based form of legislation in the future. Since the online gambling entertainment industry has grown so rapidly the last decade it is possible to conclude that affected governments have turned a focusing eye on this very popular form of online entertainment in terms of regulation, taxation and player safety.

Any online casino published and/or promoted on will display the Jurisdictions of which it is licensed to offer its online gambling service. By clicking on the Jurisdiction Tab you will find a list of all Jurisdictions that license the online casinos we publish. This information will also be available on each casino’s information page.
If you would like to get more details on any online Jurisdiction published on our list, please click on the Jurisdiction in question and you will be taken to its information page where you easily will find contact details such as website URL, e-mail, phone number and physical address.

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