Australia’s First Casino

flag_template_colourThe first legal casino in Australia opened its doors on the 10th of February 1973 on a beautiful spot by the coast of Hobart, Tasmania. The Wrest Point Hotel had been a very popular holiday destination for Australians since 1939. In 1956 the Wrest Point Hotel was bought by Federal Hotels which is the oldest corporate hotel group in Australia. Due to a downswing in attracting tourist to the hotel during the sixties, the Federal Hotels group decided to try to obtain the first casino license in Australia. This was decided upon in a state referendum which was held in 1968. The Tasmanian population were very divided on the issue but the majority voted in favor of it and the Federal Hotels group got their license to operate.

The development commenced immediately which included a 64 meter high tower with 17 stories which still is the tallest building in Hobart today. The Wrest Point Hotel Casino held its grand opening on the 10th of February 1973 and according to, it was an “immediate success” with reports dated in May of the same year showing a spending of “$50K a day at the casino”. The Wrest Point Hotel Casino stands as an iconic monument of legal gambling in Australia.

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