MGA Suspends 2 gaming licenses – Press release

On the 25th of July 2015, MGA announced the suspension of 2 gaming licenses issued to Uniq Group Ltd and Betsolutions4U Ltd, in relation to the arrest warrant by the Italian prosecution of Serena Parvenza, Antonio Pantisano Trusci, Margherita Simona Giudetti and Marco Zucco. It is alleged by the Italian police that Mario Gennaro nicknamed Mariolino have ties with one of the most notorious organized crime group called Ngdrangheta.

MGA has immediately taken actions which resulted to the suspention of the gaming license of both operators until the situation has been clarified. .MGA has taken the necessary measures with the Companies to comply with the player protection clau, a key concern of MGA that funds are returned to the players. Players have been advised to log into their accounts and cash in their balances.

“Further to media reports and actions taken by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) in relation to two Maltese registered online gaming companies based in Malta, it is pertinent to clarify a number of points which are important from a general public interest standpoint.

The two Maltese registered gaming companies who are the subject of the suspension and investigation are registered in Malta and have been operating in and from Malta since 2011 (Uniq Group Ltd) and since 2012 (Betsolutions4U Ltd). At the time of application (according to the MGA’s records), in line with standard procedures, all directors, shareholders, senior managers and ultimate beneficiary owners of these companies have been screened through MGA’s systems and protocols, using probity tools and national and international contacts and organisations. This forms part of the probity checks conducted at pre-licensing stage and before the actual business model of the gaming operation in question is screened and other control systems are checked and approved. The licensing process also includes independent audits, such as system and compliance audits which are carried out by approved external auditors.”

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