Nevada Casinos to allow skill-based slots?

Las Vegas Sun reported on September 3rd that the Nevada Gaming Control Board has “recommended legal language” towards introducing slot machines that are based on skills rather than just pure luck in Nevada casinos.

These “skill-based” slot machines could be very similar to the normal multi-player video games, arcade games and first shooter games with the difference that you would, if allowed by the Nevada Gaming Commission, be able to win money.

The Las Vegas Sun also reported that “Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers pushed lawmakers this year to encourage innovation and direct the Gaming Control Board to make the regulations that govern games of chance more nimble and to allow elements of skill“.

The final word on the matter is up to the Nevada Gaming Commission which is said to be “expected” to discuss the “new language” on the September 17 hearing. If approved, the changes are believed to be in development as early as 2016.

The casino revenue from slot machines has been estimated to have dropped 20% since 2007. The 2015 Global Gaming Expo, “where slot makers will show off their latest innovations“, is hosted at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada between September 29 and October 1.

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