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Big Blox Slot Review: Yggdrasil’s Arcade Marvel

Yggdrasil, renowned for its innovation in the world of online slots, introduces another gem to its portfolio with the release of “Big Blox” on August 24, 2016. Unlike any other slot by Yggdrasil Gaming, this arcade-style game promises a distinctive and immersive experience for players seeking something beyond the ordinary.

Game Overview: “Big Blox” boasts a refreshing departure from the conventional, offering players 243 ways to win and a maximum bet of €50 per spin. As players embark on their gaming journey, they are invited to explore ancient temples, setting the stage for an adventure filled with surprises.

Key Features: The standout feature of “Big Blox” is its namesake, the Big Blox feature. This unique gameplay element selects a rectangular area of 2×2 and, at times, even expands to an impressive 5×3, covering the entire game area. What follows is the anticipation of high winnings for the fortunate player who lands this colossal combination. With the potential to win up to a staggering €486,000 at a coin value of €5, “Big Blox” positions itself as a high-paying video slot.

Hit Frequency and Rewards: To add to the excitement, the game boasts a hit frequency of 21.6%, capturing the attention of players with the promise of frequent bonus round hits. This dynamic element contributes to the overall thrill and engagement, ensuring that every spin holds the potential for lucrative returns.

Big Blox Demo Game – Play for Fun

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Game Information Big Blox™

Game Type Video Slot Game
Reel Type Spinning Reels
Reels 243 ways to win

Payout on Big Blox™

Return to Player (RTP) 96.1%
Max Coinciding Win €486,000 coins
Hit Frequency 21.6%

Game Features of Big Blox™

  • Big Blox Feature

Preview of Big Blox by Yggdrasil Gaming™

Big Blox Feature

Conclusion on Big Blox Video Slot

Big Blox by Yggdrasil Gaming stands as a testament to the developer’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and delivering a gaming experience that goes beyond expectations. With its unique features, high-paying potential, and an enticing hit frequency, this slot proves to be a worthy addition to Yggdrasil’s impressive repertoire. Brace yourself for a thrilling adventure through ancient temples and the chance to unlock substantial rewards in the realm of Big Blox.

Big Blox Yggdrasil video Slot FAQ

💡 When was Big Blox slot released?

Big Blox by Yggdrasil Gaming was released on August 24, 2016.

💡 How many ways to win does Big Blox slot offer?

Bog Blox provides players with 243 ways to win, adding a dynamic element to the gameplay.

💡 What is the maximum bet per spin in Big Blox?

Players can place a maximum bet of €50 per spin in the Big Blox slot.

💡 What is the key feature of Big Blox?

The standout feature of Big Blox is the game’s eponymous feature, where it selects a rectangular area of 2×2 or even 5×3, covering the entire game area and awarding high winnings.

💡 How much can players win in Big Blox?

Players have the potential to win up to an impressive €486,000 coins when playing with a coin value of €5. 

💡 What is the hit frequency in Big Blox?

The hit frequency in Big Blox is set at 21.6%, indicating the percentage of the bonus round hit rate. 

💡 What is the Return to Player (RTP) percentage in Big Blox?

Big Blox has a Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 96.1%, reflecting the theoretical payout percentage over an extended period. 
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